Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Generators nodes don’t affect all the same nodes as the rest of the post-fx nodes, as each node functions differently.

The exception to above is the Composite Image node, which can be connected to nodes just like any other post FX node. This node allows you to composite a video node onto another node within a Post-FX chain.

Composite ImageComposite Image

Composite an image directly in a Post-FX chain.

Gradient 2DGradient 2D

Generate a 2D gradient to input into other nodes.

Gradient 3DGradient 3D

Generate a 3D gradient that appears on all objects in the scene.

Gradient PatchGradient Patch

Generate a simple colour pattern.


Generate a 3D grid that appears on all objects in the scene.

Light Scattering BeamLight Scattering Beam

Generate a simple light beam.

Voronoi 2DVoronoi 2D

Generate a mesh based on a particle system.