Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Top Bar #

This window lists all of the layers and effects in the current project, useful for sequencing and timing effects to run together.


Timeline Controls #

Label Description
Copy Copy the selected node(s) to the paste buffer.
Cut Copy the currently selected node(s) to the paste buffer, then delete them.
Paste Paste any nodes from the paste buffer.
Undo Undo the most recently taken action.
Redo Redo a previously undone action.
Toggle Auto Key Automatically adds a keyframe when a property changes over time. The property must be keyed first for this to apply.
Rectangle Select Draw a rectangular region to select nodes.
Lasso Select Draw a custom lasso region to select a group of node.
Add Time Segment Add a new time segment to the timeline for this layer.
Split Time Segment Split the current time segment into two at the position of the playhead.
Delete Time Segment Delete the selected time segment.
Show Keys Show the key positions in the timeline along the relevant segments.
Show Timeline Bars Show the coloured bars which represent the time segments.
Show Curves Show the key curves of various attributes for effects in a layer.
Hide Disabled Hide all nodes which are unconnected to the root, or disabled.
Toggle Timeline Markers Show or hide time markers in the timeline.
Add Timeline Marker Add a timeline marker to the timeline.
Delete Timeline Marker delete a timeline marker at the current time.
Jump to Previous Marker Jump to the nearest marker before the playhead.
Jump to Next Marker Jump to the nearest marker after the playhead.
Center View On Selected Center the timeline on the currently selected layer or effect.
Node Settings Open up the node settings window for the selected node.


Timeline #

Label Description
Expand Hierarchy Expand the hierarchy of the selected layer or effect.
Collapse Hierarchy Collapse the hierarchy of the selected layer or effect.
Filter Filter certain nodes or node groups from being shown in the timeline..
Sort Change the order in which nodes are listed in the layer.
Display Hierarchy Indent the list of effects based on the hierarchy they are ordered in the nodegraph.
Display List Display the effects as a simple list, ordered by hierarchy in the nodegraph.
Hide Disabled Hide all nodes which are disabled
Hide Unconnected Hide all nodes with no connecting path to the root node.
Search Search for a specific node or effect in the timeline for the selected layer.
Centre Selected Centre the timeline on the selected time segment.
Effect Denotes segments which are effects or nodes, contained by layers..
Layer Denotes segments which are layers, and therefore contain multiple effects.
Enable / Disable enable or disable the effect.
Solo Layer focus on this layer, and hide all others. By default, Notch is only set up to show one layer at a time, but this can be changed by disabling “Layers As Separate Effects”. But this can be changed in the project settings.
Dropdown Scene Show all the effects and nodes in this layer.
Show Curves Show the key curves of various attributes for effects in a layer.
Start Time Start time of the layer or effect.
End Time End time for the layer or effect,

Timeline Bar #

Label Description
Timeline Properties Open the Timeline Properties window. From here, you can set the minimum and maximum frame rate limits.
Current Time The Current Time in the scene.

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