Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Standalone - Multi-head Output

Standalone - Multi-head Output

The exported Notch Standalone executable allows you to use up to two heads/outputs.

Notch provides a rudimentary feed/window selection mechanism to allow content arrangement on multiple heads.

Notch’s multi-head management is very basic and is not being further developed. You should use a media server for most multi-head setups.
All monitor outputs must be the same resolution and Windows is responsible for the display head order

Method #

  1. Set the project to Multi-Monitor
    1. Project -> Settings -> Exported App
    2. Enable Allow Multi-Monitor
  2. Set your project rendering to Crop.
    1. Project -> Settings -> Rendering
    2. Set Output Resizing to: Crop / Border Output to Window
  3. Setup your Output Feeds
    1. Project -> Edit Output Feed Configuration
    2. Add your Displays
      1. Click + next to Add Display (one for each display)
      2. Set the geometry for each display. Please note, at this time, every display must have the same resolution.
    3. Add Feed Regions
      1. Click + next to Feed, one for each feed.
      2. Set the Target Display, Source and Destination coordinates.
      3. You can see a preview of the source region in the viewport as you edit.
    4. Export your standalone executable.
    5. When running your standalone executable:
      1. Ensure you select ‘Fullscreen’.
When previewing the source feed regions, your Viewport Pixel Scale needs to be set to: 1x1 Pixels.