Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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RT Ambient Occlusion

RT Ambient Occlusion

Renders Ambient Occlusion with Ray Tracing


Method #

This node simulates ambient occlusion by casting a large number of rays in random directions in a sphere or hemisphere from each point on the screen, and determining what percentage of them hit something before reaching the extent of the bounding sphere.

Raytracing will need to be enabled on the root node for this node to work.


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

Blend ModeSets blend mode type.
  • Add : Adds the lighting.
  • Multiply Ambient : Multiplies with ambient lighting.
  • Multiply Ambient + Lighting : Multiplies with both ambient and lighting.
Blend amountHow much the light is blended with the ambient occlusion
RadiusRadius of the ambient occlusion
SamplesSets umber of samples taken
Ray BiasRay bias of the shadows


NameDescriptionTypical Input
ObjectsOnly objects inputted into the node will have ambient occlusion applied
Environment MapEnvironment map node input
Point CachePoint Cache node input