Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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User Interface

User Interface

Overview #


The Notch User Interface is broken into several main sections:

Properties Panel Alter the propertise of a node.
Viewport The render viewport of your scene.
Timeline Manage layers and effects in the current project, useful for sequencing and timing effects to run together.
Curve Editor Controls animations of keys and their interpolation.
Nodegraph Craft your nodegraph to build your scene.
Bins Bins save out groups of linked nodes that you want to use again.
Export Video Control video exports from Notch.
Performance Panel Estimate performance on target GPUs or media servers
Preferences Alter Notch Builder preferences.
Render Queue Queue up multiple renders from a Notch scene to export sequentially.
Render Still Render still images from Notch.
Resources Panel Manage imported resources.
Other Windows Other windows & panels

Other Windows can be opened through the View menu Item, or the Window Controls Bar.