Notch Blocks and Standalone Executables provide a webserver that allows exposed properties to be controlled via HTTP GET requests. This functionality primarily drives the Web GUI, but can also be used by 3rd party applications & web services.

How to enable the Web API in your project

To enable the Web API follow the instructions for enabling the Web GUI.

API Description

All calls listed below should be made via:

  • Utilising the HTTP port specified in the Project Settings


Retrieving a manifest of exposed parameters

Calling /control will return a JSON manifest of the exposed properties. An example below:

	"controls": [
			"enums": [
				"Deferred Lighting" 
			"groupName": "",
			"name": "Notch Layer",
			"type": "Enum",
			"uniqueId": "layerlayerlayer",
			"value": "" 
			"groupName": "3D Object",
			"max": 1.964810013771057,
			"min": 0,
			"name": "Position X",
			"type": "Float",
			"uniqueId": "Position X::Transform::ee54699e-8bc2-11e6-895a-002590e7589b",
			"value": "1.964810" 
	"protocolVersion": "100" 

Setting an Exposed Properties value

To set an Exposed Properties value call: /control?uid=<your_uniqueid>&value=<your_value>

  • URL: /control
  • Parameters:
    • uid: The uniqueId (URL escaped) as provided by the JSON manifest (above) and viewable in the Notch Builder when you exposed the property.
    • value: The value you wish to set. If setting text strings, then URL escape the string.




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