This window lists all of the changeable properties for a node. From here they can be modified, keyed, or exposed for use by other tools.


Presets allow you to save all the properties current values to a file for later use in other projects. These are saved to the “Documents > Notch > Notch Presets” folder.

Label Description
Add Preset Save the current property values as a preset.
Edit Presets Opens the Edit Presets window, for deleting and renaming presets.
Preset List Select which preset to apply to the node.
Apply Preset Apply the selected preset.

Attributes Frame

This frame contains all the properties for a node and different ways to change their values. Their effects will vary, depending on what the properties function is.

Label Description
Toggle Active Toggle whether the node is active or not.
Attribute Settings Open the property settings window. From here, various settings of the properties can be changed, including how to expose it for control outside Notch.
Key Attribute Key the selected property at the current time.
Lock Attribute Lock the property, so it cannot be changed.
Dropdown Menu Drops down a menu of items to select from.
Checkbox Toggle a property on or off.
Number Bar Drag the bar to change the number, or use the number box to set specific values. Holding Shift allows you to change the maximum and minimum ranges. Holding Alt allows you to drag the value outside the maximum and minimum ranges.
RGB Colours Select a colour from RGB or HSB Values.
Web Colours Select a colour from the web colour set.
Colour Picker Select and drag over to a particular colour in the Project to select it.
Copy Copy the property values.
Paste Paste the property values.