This node upscales the resolution based on the training data, allowing to produce a version of the same content but has more pixels.


Name Description
Preview In Viewport Preview the effect blended with alpha in the viewport.
Preview RGB In Viewport Preview the RGB values in the viewport.
Preview Alpha In Viewport Preview the alpha values in the viewport.
Apply Postfx Before Alpha Image Input (Legacy) Applies PostFX before the alpha image input is applied to the image, so the alpha image isn’t affected by Post-FX.
Upscale Mode What quality of up-scaling.
Upscale Amount How many iterations of the upscale are generated.


Name Description Typical Node Input
Effect Mask Mask out areas that Post-FX applied to this node won’t be applied. Video Loader
Alpha Image Add an image to control the alpha values of the image. Video Loader


Outputs an image or video that can be connected to any relevant video input, most commonly an Image 2D node.