This node generates a striped glitches which displace the image and alters its colours.

Raw texture Processed texture
Example Nodegraph


Name Description
Active Enables or disables the effect. Disabling the effect means it will no longer compute, so disabling a node when not in use can improve performance.
Blend Amount Changes the opacity of the new effect over the original image.
Blend Mode (RGB) Change how the generated effect blends with the parent image RGB.
Blend Mode (Alpha) Change how the generated effect blends with the parent image alpha.
Block Size Pixel size of the blocks the image will be broken into.
Breakup Amount How much the blocks are broken up.
Breakup Frame Amount How far apart the blocks are moved when breaking up.
Breakup Size How large each block is.
Displace Amount How much to displace the image when broken up.
Glitch Rate How often the glitch frames appear.
Glitch Duration How long the glitch frames last.
Hold Glitch Frames How long the Glitch frames should be held for.
Colour Channel Mode How the Glitched frames should break up based on colour.
  • Red / Green + Blue, Red is split away from green and blue.
  • Luminance Dark / Light, Dark and Light luminance values are split.
  • No Split, Colour channels are not split when the image glitches.

Affect Channels

Select which of the RGBA colour channels are affected by the effect.


There are no inputs for this node.


There are no outputs from this node.