This node generates a light beam, visually similar to what is achieved when Scattering Intensity is used on a Light node, but without needing to add a light to the scene or enable Deferred Rendering.

Nodegraph Example


Name Description
Position X Move its position along the x-axis in local space.
Position Y Move its position along the y-axis in local space.
Position Z Move its position along the z-axis in local space.
Rotation Heading Rotate the object about the y-axis.
Rotation Pitch Rotate the object about the x-axis.
Rotation Bank Rotate the object about the z-axis.
Scale X Scale along the x-axis.
Scale Y Scale along the y-axis.
Scale Z Scale along the z-axis.

Inherit Transform Channels

Toggle which transform channels should be inherited. By default, all are on.


Name Description
Mode Change the shape of the light.
  • Sphere, Light is emitted from a sphere.
  • Cone, Light is emitted from a cone.
Brightness How bright the light is.
Max Brightness Maximum brightness the light can reach.
Colour Change the colour of the light.
Cone Angle Change the angular area of light emitted from the light. Only functions with “Cone” selected in the Mode attribute.
Sort Bias Biases the draw order of the beam against other transparent items in the scene.
Depth Test Enabled The scattered light is depth tested against objects in the scene.
Use Geometric Bounds
Invert Cone Direction Invert the direction of the cone.
Dither Enabled


“Default Material” won’t always appear under this name, as it will always take the name of the imported objects material.

Name Description Typical Node Input
Transform Modifier Links all transform properties to the input node. Null
Target Node Always faces the x-axis towards the inputs anchor point. Null


The outputs section for this node is currently being worked on.