Particle nodes are nodes used in a particles system. This system starts with a Particle Root Node, and is built out with Emitter, Affector and Shader nodes, before finally being rendered to the camera with a Renderer node.

The Particle Root Node contains the particles themselves: their positions, velocities, colours and so on, in a pool waiting to be used. The number of particles in the pool is set by the Max Particle Count attribute on the root node. Particle Emitters take particles from the pool and bring them to life. Particle Affectors make them move; Particle Rendering Nodes control how particles are rendered to screen. When particles die they are returned to the pool until they are emitted again. It is possible that not all the particles in the pool are alive at any time. Even particles that are not currently alive in the pool carry some performance and memory overhead, so it is recommended that the maximum number of particles on the Particle Root node is limited to the amount actually needed by the emitters.

Multiple Particle Emitters may exist under one Particle Root node. Particle Affectors and Rendering nodes may be connected to the Particle Root directly, making them work on every particle under the root node; or they may be connected to individual Emitters, making them only affect the particles emitted by that Emitter.

Particles are generally hooked into the Root node, although they can be applied to any node – they will still appear in the scene as long as there is a path to a Root node.

Aside from the Particle Bounding Box, Particle Event and Particle Root, these nodes are split into 4 groups:

  • Affectors, these affect the movement of the particles once they are emitted.
  • Emitters, these emit particles based on different shapes or models.
  • Rendering, render particles as different shapes or objects.
  • Shading, change the colours of the particles based on various parameters.



Cloth Affector Collision Affector Curl Noise Fluid Affector Explode Affector Flocking Affector
Fluid FLIP Affector Force Affector Image Affector Kill Box Affector Mesh Attractor
Object Distance Field Affector Primitive Affector SPH Affector Spring Affector Turbulence Affector
Velocity Affector Vortex Affector


Image Emitter Mesh Emitter Primitive Emitter SDF Emitter Screen Emitter
Trail Emitter Video Feature Emitter


Dot Matrix Renderer Geometry Connections Renderer Line Connection Renderer Line Renderer Mesh Renderer
Point Renderer Render Particles To Surfaces Trail Renderer Volume Renderer


Attribute Shading Density Shading Displace To Shape Distance Shading Image Displacement
Image Shading Keyed Colour Life Colour Shading Lighting Noise Shading
Volume Shadow Shading Voxel Cone Shading