The Root node for the scene, controlling the basic menu and other important scene attributes.


Name Description
Background Colour Change the background colour.
Backdrop Glow Defines the “glow” amount for the material used for the background, when deferred rendering is active.
Clear Screen Enabled Controls whether the screen is cleared to the background colour.
Current Camera Select which camera is currently being used by the root.
Deferred Rendering Enables Deferred Rendering, where the final shading pass is delayed until after multiple passes of the scene. When disabled, Forward Rendering is used.
High Dynamic Range The layer is rendered to 16-bit floating-point targets instead of 8-bit targets. This allows rendering and post-processing to use more colour precision, and for lighting to be able to write a greater range of intensities.
Dither High Dynamic Range Dithers the Final image, breaking up any visible banding in the scene..
Antialiasing Toggle multi-sample anti-aliasing for the scene.
Linear-Space Lighting Switches the lighting model from gamma space to linear space.
VR Optimisations Optimises your scene for use in VR.
Composite Blend Mode Change how this layer will blend with other layers in the project. See Blend Modes for details.
Output Premultiplied Alpha The final RGB colour values are multiplied against the Alpha value before being output.
Layer Alpha Control the layer alpha value.
View Layer Alpha Visualise the rendered layers alpha values.
Antialiasing – Blend-Aware Used to perform an alpha aware MSAA resolve. Ideal for hard edges and output that is designed to be alpha blended.
Output Render Layers Side By Side Split the output render into a left and right side, where Render Layers can be selected to render to either side. Nodes connected directly to the Root will default to the left side. Useful for Virtual Productions workflows, to split the front and back plates.
  • No – Output Composite, don’t split the output.
  • Output Side By Side, The viewport will be split in two, with the front and back plates on either side.
  • Output Left Only, Only shows the back plate.
  • Output Right Only, Only shows the front plate.
Flip All Polygon Culling Flips the direction of back face culling for 3d objects are connected to the Root node.
Offscreen Render Target A Screen resource to which the contents of the layer’s final render will be copied to after rendering, for use as a texture in future layers.


Name Description
Creators Contains the name of the original creator of the scene.


Name Description
Enabled Enable Ray Tracing support.
Dynamic Enable Ray Tracing support for dynamic scenes.


Almost all nodes must be connected to a root node either directly or indirectly, in order to function.