This node takes the characters from an input text string and generates a floating-point output value. It supports positive and negative input strings such as +5 or -3, as well as hexadecimal input strings such as 0×3f8.


Name Description
Current Value Shows the current value of the effect. Cannot be directly changed.
Rounding Mode Choose how to alter the value:
  • None: No value manipulation takes place.
  • Round Up: Rounds the value up, calculating the smallest integral value that is not less than the initial value. For example, 2.3 would become 3.0.
  • Round Down: Rounds the value down, calculating the largest integral value that is not greater than the initial value. For example, 2.9 would become 2.0.
  • Absolute: Calculates the absolute value. For example, -5.0 would become 5.0.


Name Description Typical Node Input
Text String Node The text string node from which value will be generated. Text String


The output is a numeric value that acts upon a connected parameter input of another node, using the operation method selected.