This node outputs a value based on a consistent BPM.


Name Description
Current Value Shows the current value of the effect. Cannot be directly changed.
Input Time Which time the modifier uses to time the beats.
Time Mode How the modifier updates with relation to the time code.
  • Locked To Timecode, The modifier values are locked to the time code and the same time will always yield the same numerical value.
  • Running / Looping, The modifier values are disconnected from the time code and will loop seamlessly at the end of the layer. This also means that animated speed values will change smoothly.
Operation The operation to be performed on the targeted parameter.
  • Add, adds to the parameter value.
  • Subtract, subtracts from the parameter value.
  • Multiply, multiplies the parameter value.
  • Replace, replaces the parameter value.
BPM Beats per minute, or how many times the modifier will reach its peak per minute.
Num Beats Number of beats per BPM.
Num Beats Offset Offset the beat timing of the Num beats.
Time Offset Offsets the time the value is modified from the time the waveform is played.
Attack Controls the initial time between the current value to the peak.
Decay Controls the time between the peak to the sustain level.
Scale The scale/range of the modifier
Pulse Sharpness How sharply the pulse eases into its peak value.


There are no inputs for this node.


The output is a numeric value that acts upon a connected parameter input of another node, using the operation method selected.