This node accumulates a value based on the input values, and the specific mode set in the Accumulator Mode attribute.


Name Description
Current Value Shows the current value of the effect. Cannot be directly changed.
Value Base value to modify the output value with.
Accumulator Mode How the accumulator should accumulate values.
  • Value Per Second, the value is added
  • Value Delta, The difference between the previous value and the new value is added.
  • Value, The whole values is on each frame the node is updated.
  • Positive Value Delta, only updates with positive value difference between the current frame and the frame before.
Wrap Mode How the accumulator wraps when it meets its max value.
Attack Controls the initial time between the current value to the peak.
Change Threshold Threshold below which new values will not be added to the accumulator.
Scale The scale/range of the modifier
Modifier Operation The operation to be performed on the targeted parameter.
  • Add, adds to the parameter value.
  • Subtract, subtracts from the parameter value.
  • Multiply, multiplies the parameter value.
  • Replace, replaces the parameter value.
Max Value Maximum value the accumulator can reach. Only used with “Clamp To Max” or “Wrap” in the Accumulator node.


Name Description Typical Input
Value Input a numerical value to be modified. Math Modifier


The output is a numeric value that acts upon a connected parameter input of another node, using the operation method selected.