Extracts a text field from an RSS feed which has been provided as an input and is required for this node to function.
This node can be used as an input to a Text node in order to render the text.


Name Description
Text Change Rate How often a new line of text is added to the feed.
Display Mode What data from the RSS feed will be output.
  • Titles, only the RSS Feed titles are displayed.
  • Titles And Times, both the title and the time it was updated.
  • Descriptions, the description from the RSS feed is output.
  • Times, the time the RSS feed is sent is output.
  • Titles And Description, the title is displayed above the description.
  • Titles, Times And Description, all the RSS feed data is displayed.
Choose Entry Mode What order new entries from the RSS Feed are output in.
  • Sequential, new entries are added in the order they appear on the feed.
  • Random, new entries are added randomly from the feed.
  • Coming Next In Time, the new entry is only displayed once it has been received.
  • Random – Bias To Most Recent, same as random but with a bias towards the most recent updates from the feed.


Name Description Typical Input
Time Source Node Input a time code from which to decide the time to draw the RSS feed from. Clock Time Modifier
RSS Feed Input an RSS Feed to for the mesh source.. RSS Feed


The outputs section for this node is currently being worked on.