Takes a single Blacktrax Trackable and provides it as a tracked point (a bit like Null). You can track either the rigid body position and rotation of a given trackable or just individual tracked LEDs. To use, parent other objects to this node to have the positions and rotations inherited.


Name Description
Select Trackable When receiving Blacktrax data, this enables you to select a provided trackable.
Trackable Name The name of the trackable (as defined by Blacktrax)
Trackable Type Choose whether to take the centroid of all the LEDs or take the position of a single LED
LED Index If Trackable Type is LED Points then, choose the index of the LED to track.
Flip Z Axis Flip positions in the Z axis
Flip Z Rotation Flip rotations in the Z axis


Nodes parented to this node will follow the standard parent-child relationship for transformation (Position, Rotation).