Takes multiple Blacktrax Trackables and instantiates the child nodes at the tracked points. You can track either the rigid body positions and rotation (Centroids) of given trackables or every LED of the trackable.

See the Array Sources node to see how this node is used in the nodegraph to multi-instance child nodes.

If you only wish to instantiate a subset of the trackables that Blacktrax is sending you can use the Trackable Filter attribute to set a prefix filter that all trackable ids must start with.


Name Description
Trackable Type Choose whether to take the centroid of all the LEDs or instantiate an array item for each LED
Use Blacktrax Rotations Use the rotations passed through by Blacktrax.
Flip Z Axis Flip positions in the Z axis
Trackable Filter A prefix filter for the trackable names.
Apply Node Transforms To Array Elements Only When Enabled, transform changes applied to this nodes transform properties will also be applied to the array elements, and carried onto any nodes this data is used.


This node outputs a transform array – which may be used directly with a Clone To Transform Array, or to clone other nodes within Field or Particle systems.