Cloning nodes clone 3D objects in various ways. Cloning is supported for 3D Objects, 3D Shapes, and Image Planes. Cloning is rendered using hardware instancing on the GPU, making it performance efficient. To clone an object it must be parented to the output of the Cloner node.

Cloners can be affected by Effector nodes, which modify the transformation values of each clone.

Cloners are generally hooked into the Root node, although they can be applied to any node – they will still appear in the scene as long as there is a path to a Root node; they will inherit the transformation values of parent nodes.



Clone To Image Clone To Mesh Clone To Particles Clone To Point Cache Clone To Procedurals
Clone To Spline Clone To Volume Cloner Random Cloner



FFT Effector Image Effector Plain Effector Randomise Effector Rigid Body Effector
Ripple Effector Sine Effectors Spring Effector Target Effector Turbulence Effector