Sometimes the Notch support team will ask you for a License Diagnostic file. This file gives us detailed debug information about your Codemeter dongle and recent licensing events.

How to get a License Diagnostic file

There are two methods of getting the file:

  • Using the Notch License Check tool,
  • Or, running commands directly from the Windows Command Prompt / Powershell.

Method A: Notch License Check Method

You can use the Notch License Check utility. This comes installed with Notch Builder or you can download it (if you’re getting a diagnostic for a media server etc).

  1. Run ‘Notch License Check’ (either from the Start menu, or by running ‘LicenseCheck.exe’ from the downloaded .zip file).
  2. Click ‘Save Diagnostic’, then attach that file to your support ticket.

Method B: Command Line Method

You can run one of the following two commands:

Command Prompt Command:
"c:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin\cmu32.exe" --cmdust > %HOMEPATH%\Documents\cmdust_diag.txt

Powershell Command:
Start-Process "c:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin\cmu32.exe" -ArgumentList "--cmdust" -RedirectStandardOutput $home\Documents\cmdust_diag.txt

Once you have run the file, please send us the cmdust_diag.txt file from your Documents folder.