Main Window

This window lists all of the keyed attributes for the selected nodes and shows how the values between the keys will be interpolated. Note that “interpolation” is also known as “easing”.

Curve Editor Controls

Label Description
Copy Copy the currently select node or nodes.
Cut Copy and delete the currently selected node or nodes.
Paste Paste a node from the clipboard.
Undo Undo the most recently taken action.
Redo Redo a previously undone action.
Toggle Auto Key After an attribute is changed, it is automatically keyed to animate to that value at the current time.
Fit View To All Fit the view to all the keys of the attributes visible.
Fit View To Selected Fit the view to the selected attributes keys only.
Rectangle Select Draw a rectangular region to select nodes.
Lasso Select Draw a custom region to select a group of node.
Add Key Add a key to the currently selected node at the current time.
Delete Key Delete the currently selected key.
Linear Interpolation The value changes linearly from its previous value to the key value.
Stepped Interpolation Previous value stays the same, and then jumps to the key value.
Smoothed Stepped Interpolation Previous value the same, and quickly moves to the key value.
Bezier Interpolation The values between two points are interpolated based on a bezier curve.
TCB Interpolation Make the selected key ease in with TCB Interpolation.
Edit TCB Open the TCB Controls window, where you can manually change the Tension, Continuity and Bias values at the key. Only functions with “TCB Interpolation” selected.
Pre Curve Options How the attribute should behave before the key.
Post Curve Options How the attribute should behave after the key.
Hide Unused Hide all nodes that are either disabled or have no connecting path to the root node.
Center View On Selected Center the view on the currently selected node.
Node Settings Open up the node settings window for the selected node.

Curve Editor Graph

Label Description
Visible Toggle whether the attribute is shown in the curve editor.
Solo Toggle this attribute to be the only attribute in the curve editor.
Current Time Represents the current time in the scene.
Key A point at which a value has been set.