This node is the source for an imported video or image source from the resources window. Images or videos brought into the scene will by default use this node.


Name Description
Preview In Viewport Preview the effect blended with alpha in the viewport.
Preview Alpha In Viewport Preview the alpha values in the viewport.
Video Select a video from the resources window to be used as the source.
Frame Rate Control the frame rate of the video.
Frame Rate Offset Offset the frame rate of the video.
Update Time Mode How the video is played in relation to the time code.
  • Locked To Timecode, The video is locked to the time code and the same time will always yield the same video frame.
  • Running / Looping, The video is disconnected from the time code and will loop seamlessly at the end of the layer.
Looping Enable the video to loop back to the beginning once it reaches the Loop End Frame. If disabled, nothing will be output.
Loop Start Frame With looping enabled, sets the beggining frame to start the loop from.
Loop End Frame With looping enabled, sets the final frame to end the loop on.
Static image (Process Only Once ) Only process the image once, making a more efficient scene. Animated Post-FX nodes will not function with this enabled.
Format Conversion Convert the Image to a different format. Useful for dealing with banding issues.
Allow Frame Drops When a frame is dropped, the previous frame is held until a new frame is ready to take its place.
Flip Image Y Flip the image along the y axis.
Retrigger Only Functions with Running/Loopable selected in the Update Time Mode attribute.


Name Description Typical Node Input
Effect Mask Mask out areas that Post-FX applied to this node won’t be applied. Video Loader
Alpha Image Add an image to control the alpha values of the image. Video Loader


Outputs an image or video that can be connected to any relevant video input, most commonly an Image 2D node.