The Adobe CC plugin provides NotchLC import and export capabilities to Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Media Encoder for the `.mov` container format. It is available on both PC and Mac. Encoding and decoding is GPU accelerated as long as a DirectX11 compatible GPU is available on PC, or a Metal compatible GPU on Mac.

The NotchLC Plugin for Adobe CC is provided free of charge and does NOT require a Notch Builder or Playback license.

Plugin Features

A comparison of the import / export features are listed below.

Feature After Effects Premiere Media Encoder
Alpha Channel Yes Yes Yes
High Bit Depth Yes Yes Yes
Speed OK OK Fast
Alpha Channel Yes Yes Yes
Audio Yes Yes Yes
High Bit Depth Yes Yes Yes
Speed Good Good Fast


PC Requirements

Adobe Version CC 2018, 2019, 2020
OS Windows 10
GPU DirectX 11 Compatible

Mac Requirements

Adobe Version CC 2018, 2019, 2020
OS 10.14 (Mojave) or later
GPU Metal Compatible

Download & Installation

You can download the plugin from the NotchLC website

The applicable Adobe products must be installed before installing the plugin.

Adobe Media Encoder & Premiere usage

After installation of the plugin, NotchLC decoding will be supported automatically and you will be provided NotchLC as an encoding codec option. When encoding you will be presented with the following options.

The two NotchLC specific options are:

  • Quality : [Good | Very Good | Excellent | Optimal | Best] See the NotchLC Overview for details on quality settings.
  • Include Alpha Channel : If your source has an alpha channel, this will be encoded as part of the video.

Adobe After Effects usage


The plugin will automatically provide NotchLC import support in AE. To get the benefit of NotchLCs higher bit depths, you will need to ensure that your AE project is set to 16bit or 32bit depth mode. (Project Settings->Color->Depth->16bit per channel)


Adobe After Effects has two export pathways, both of which are supported by the plugin, but have different UI interfaces:

  • Export through Media Encoder (covered in the previous section)
  • Native Export

The Native Exporter’s dialog looks as follows:

Key items:

  • Set the Format to NotchLC
  • Video -> Depth : Should always be set to Trillions of Colours
  • Set Quality by clicking the Format Options button