Unlike a material made with Substance Designer, it is not possible to use the Substance Painter file directly. You must export the textures from Substance Painter to use them in Notch.
Your Painter project must also be created with the right presets.

Meshs textured with painter and rendered in Notch

Material setup with Substance Painter

You need to choose the template “PBR – Metallic Roughness (Allegorithmic)”

Exporting Textures

In the Export panel option you need to choose the config “PBR MetalRough”, It is preferable to choose the TGA image format.

By default, the textures of Metallic and Roughness are in grey level.
Notch uses RGB textures, you can change the export to RGB in the configuration menu.

Material setup in Notch

In the Uber Material node you have to must place the textures in the right place.

Change metallic and roughness to 1.

The PBR materials need reflection to be complete. The easiest way is to use an Environment Map. Other reflection modes also work.

Post FX on Texture