Raytraced reflections are more accurate reflections than Screen Spaced Reflections.

The images below show the difference between each raytracing nodes reflections.

Sky light

The Sky light reflects the skydome HDR environment map, it will not reflect the surrounding geometry although it will be occluded by objects.

Area light

The area light will reflect lighting which will be occluded by objects in the scene.

RT Mirror Reflection

RT Mirror Reflection is the fastest simplest raytraced reflections node with only a single bounce.
This node can be used independently of any other raytraced nodes.

Reflection Multi Bounce Raytracer

The Reflection Multi-Bounce node supports multiple bounce reflections, it also supports material roughness.


RT Glass Refraction

This works alongside the new RT glass or translucent material and is great for real-time projects.
This node can be used independently of any other raytraced nodes.



The pathtracer node is different as it is essentially all RT nodes together, raytraced refractions, reflections and diffuse bounce.

RT Glass Refraction and Reflection Multi Bounce Raytracer won’t show refractive glass in metallic reflections.
The pathtracer will show refracted glass objects in the reflections of metal objects.

RT Glass Refraction and MultibBounce Reflections Pathtracer