Reflections nodes

RT Mirror Reflection

A single bounce mirror reflection node is the simplest and most efficient raytraced reflection.

RT Multi-Bounce Reflection

Using the RT Multi-Bounce Reflection node you can set multiple bounces in the reflection.

Lighting nodes

RT Ambient Occlusion

This node simulates raytraced ambient occlusion.

RT Diffuse Bounce

The Diffuse Bounce node simulates diffuse lighting of solid objects accurately with support for multiple bounces from any lighting in the scene.

Dednoisers and refinement

RT Real-Time Denioser

Rt Real-time Denioser should be used on all real-time animated scenes.

Raytraced noise RT Real-time Denoise turned on

RT Refinement

To use refinement on your scene, click the refine render button in the GUI or type Ctrl+Shift+R.

Raytraced noise RT Refinement on with 1000 refinement steps


RT Glass Refraction

RT Glass Refraction is perfect for real-time scenes that need accurate and realistic glass.



The pathtracer is the most accurate and powerful multi raytracing node. Providing the whole raytracing suite in a single node.