The Geometry Exporter node allows sequences, or single frames, of geometry to be exported as OBJs or Alembic (Ogawa) files. The source object should be attached to the Geometry input of the Geometry Exporter node. All types of geometry sources can be exported.

To export multiple pieces of geometry in a single OBJ or Alembic (ABC) file, combine them into one using a Combine Geometry node and then link that to the Geometry Exporter.


Name Description
Bake Now.. Opens a dialog enabling the bake properties to be edited.
Export Properties Opens a dialog enabling the export properties to be edited.
Filename The base path and filename of the OBJ/ABC sequence to be saved.
Export Animation Sequence Exports an OBJ/ABC per frame if enabled, or a single OBJ/ABC for the first frame if disabled.


Name Description Typical Node Input
Geometry The geometry source to be exported. 3D Objects, Procedural Meshes, Kinect Meshes


There are no outputs from this node.