Why does NotchLC exist?

Have a look at this talk to get the background: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f1uCh5Q8T8

My blacks look grey in NotchLC, what’s going on?

It’s likely that your source content is not using an sRGB colour profile, but more using something like Rec.709 colour profile. NotchLC only supports sRGB colour profiles at present.

Will there be a Mac version of the Adobe plugin?

Yes, a Mac version is in the works.

Will there be a command-line version of NotchLC transcoder

Probably – in the future.

What is the maximum resolution of NotchLC?

16,384 × 16,384 pixels – this limit is a GPU hardware limit.

Does NotchLC support Audio?

Audio is supported when used with the Adobe Plugin.

I’d like to integrate NotchLC support into my own application. How do I get the SDK?

Please email info@notch.one to find out more about integrating NotchLC.

Is NotchLC free/royalty based/opensource?

NotchLC is a proprietary codec. However, use of the codec for end-users is free in the vast majority of cases.

What software supports NotchLC?

NotchLC adoption is growing quickly. Currently supported applications are:

  • Notch Builder
  • Adobe After Effects (Windows – with plugin)
  • Adobe Premiere (Windows – with plugin)
  • Adobe Media Encder (Windows – with plugin)
  • TouchDesigner
  • disguise