This node creates a breakable copy of a 3D object using Voronoi-based splitting process. The underlying 3D object may be connected from a 3D Object node via the Object Node input, or generated as a primitive using the Shape Type parameter. The splitting process iteratively cuts the mesh and then creates multiple pieces. The Num Cuts and Num Pieces parameters control the number and size of pieces created, where larger values will cause more and smaller pieces to be created. The pieces may be grouped together via cuts or points, using the Grouping Method parameter; grouping by points produces more regular shaped pieces, where grouping by cuts creates shards. The shattering is not volumetric; instead, the shape is shattered as thin polygons which are then thickened to make 3D shards using the Thickness parameter.

The shattered mesh remains a single object, but each generated piece is assigned a different bone, allowing the pieces to be animated using bone deformation. In order to animate the shattered pieces as particles a Particle Bone Deformer may be parented to the node. Other Defomer nodes may also be connected in order to deform the shattered mesh.

Materials may be connected via the Material and Cut Material inputs, allowing different materials to be used for the original polygons and the generated cut polygons.

Nodegraph Example


Name Description
Position X Move its position along the x-axis in local space.
Position Y Move its position along the y-axis in local space.
Position Z Move its position along the z-axis in local space.
Rotation Heading Rotate the object about the y-axis.
Rotation Pitch Rotate the object about the x-axis.
Rotation Bank Rotate the object about the z-axis.
Scale X Scale along the x-axis.
Scale Y Scale along the y-axis.
Scale Z Scale along the z-axis.

Inherit Transform Channels

Toggle which transform channels should be inherited. By default, all are on.


Name Description
Shape Type Select a primitive or an object to be used in the shatter.
Num Cuts Number of cuts into the object.
Num Pieces Number of pieces the object can be shattered into.
Grouping Method How the cut pieces of the shatter node are grouped together.
Seed Choose the seed for the random object cutting.


Name Description
Visible Control whether the node is visible or not to the scene.
Thickness Change the thickness of the shattered object.


see Materials


Name Description Typical Node Input
Material Override the default material with another material. Materials
Cut Material Change the material used for the inside cut of the object. Materials
Object Node Select an object to be used to create a shattered copy. 3D Object.
Transform Modifier Links all transform properties to the input node. Null
Target Node Always faces the x-axis towards the inputs anchor point. Null
Local Transform Override Override the transformation values of the node, relative to its parent. Null


This node outputs the normal transformation and translation values, but it also outputs geometry which can be Deformed or used as a mesh so