This node emits colour/ink into a field using a procedural node network. Procedural nodes should be parented to the Procedural Emitter in order to generate procedural forms that will be converted into field ink.


Name Description
Position X Move its position along the x-axis in local space.
Position Y Move its position along the y-axis in local space.
Position Z Move its position along the z-axis in local space.
Rotation Heading Rotate the object about the y-axis.
Rotation Pitch Rotate the object about the x-axis.
Rotation Bank Rotate the object about the z-axis.
Scale X Scale along the x-axis.
Scale Y Scale along the y-axis.
Scale Z Scale along the z-axis.

Inherit Transform Channels

Toggle which transform channels should be inherited. By default, all are on.


Name Description
Distance To Alpha Scale Controls how the distances defined by the procedural system are converted into transparency values in the field – which is analogous to the density of the shape.
Blend Amount How much the emitter blends with the field.
Blend Mode How the emitter blends into the field. See Blend Modes for details.


Name Description Typical Node Input
Procedural Root Connect a source procedural node. Procedural Root
Bounding Box Limits the area that the procedural emitter will use. Bounding Box
Transform Modifier Links all transform properties to the input node. Null
Target Node Always faces the x-axis towards the inputs anchor point. Null
Local Transform Override Override the transformation values of the node, relative to its parent. Null


The outputs section for this node is currently being worked on.