How to export a video from Notch.


Label Description
Export Type Choose various export file types.
Filename Choose the file name and path to the file will be saved once rendered.
Codec Choose which codec you want to use, dependent on the file type chosen and the codec you have installed.
Start / End Time Time period which will be rendered. Some effects will need some time to build up, so keep this in mind when deciding render times.
Export Audio Toggle whether to export audio along with the video.
“Sampler” Mode Generates a continuous video containing 10 seconds of each layer in the current project. Ignored during the render queue.


Label Description
Width / Height Change the image resolution for the rendered video.
Frame Rate Frame rate for the rendered video.
Render Alpha Channel Toggle whether the Alpha channel is rendered with the video. This may not function, depending on which codec you choose.


Label Description
Motion Blur Frames How many frames are overlapped to generate motion blur.
Blur Amount Scales the time frame between the frame before and following, within which motion blur will be calculated.
Antialiasing Passes An extra layer of antialiasing, calculated by re-rendering the frame with a sub-pixel offset. Increasing the passes increases the number of samples taken per pixel.
Simulation Speed Scale Scales the number of simulation passes vs the number of render passes.
Audio Offset Offset the audio from the video playback. Can be useful with certain codecs.