A Null position used as a reference for the depth of field focus plane of a camera. Only functions when used with a Depth Of Field node.

Example Nodegraph


Name Description
Position X Move its position along the x-axis in local space.
Position Y Move its position along the y-axis in local space.
Position Z Move its position along the z-axis in local space.
Rotation Heading Rotate the object about the y-axis.
Rotation Pitch Rotate the object about the x-axis.
Rotation Bank Rotate the object about the z-axis.
Scale X Scale along the x-axis.
Scale Y Scale along the y-axis.
Scale Z Scale along the z-axis.

Inherit Transform Channels

Toggle which transform channels should be inherited. By default, all are on.


Name Description
Focal Range The range around the focal plane that is sharp. Requires a Depth of Field Post-FX to be used.
DOF Amount How strong the depth of field is.


Name Description Typical Node Input
Transform Modifier Links all transform properties to the input node. "Null":
Target Node Always faces the x-axis towards the inputs anchor point. "Null":
Local Transform Override Override the transformation values of the node, relative to its parent. "Null":


All nodes connected to this node are treated as if flowing to the parent node, and inherits any transformation changes along the chain.